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AccommodationAn enjoyable stay in Spain begins with finding somewhere to call home, and whichever IH Spain language school you choose to study at you will find a full range of accommodation options.

Many IH Spain students choose to stay with a Spanish host family. It's a great way to ensure that you learn to speak a lot of everyday Spanish, besides providing you with an insight into Spanish people and ways of life in Spain. It can be a particularly interesting choice of accommodation for those coming on our "Spanish in Spain" study tour, especially if you are coming on a study abroad year and can enjoy a longer stay.

Another option is to stay in a student residence, which will provide you with a much more international environment and generally bring you into contact with students who have come to learn Spanish from around the world - not just Spanish people. Note, however, that this option is generally only available in the summer.

A third possible choice is to stay in your own furnished apartment, one that is either entirely yours for the duration of your stay, or one shared with other students. Note that apartments are usually only available for a certain minimum length of time. Check the school of your choice for details.

Finally, if you would prefer to stay in a hotel, IH Spain will help you to find the hotel accommodation that suits your tastes as well as your pocket.

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For further details, click here to go to the accommodation details for the different cities — Barcelona, Cadiz, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, San Sebastian, Seville or Valencia.

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