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International House Barcelona has been running Spanish teacher training programmes since 1986. Currently we train over 200 Spanish language teachers a year, and run Encuentro Práctico, Spain's top annual conference for Spanish teachers (see below).

Our teacher training courses always include teaching practice (shown, above, a trainee helping out with a writing task) and we offer the following four professional development programmes for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language:

Introductory courses for Spanish teachers

These pre-service courses are designed for fluent Spanish speakers (either native or non-native) who would like to learn how to teach Spanish to foreigners. We offer these courses on both an intensive (full-time) basis, as well as an extensive (part-time) basis.

The intensive course lasts for 4 weeks (120 hours) and covers both theoretical and practical aspects of teaching. The extensive courses lasts 6 weeks and covers exactly the same syllabus.

For start dates and prices, and further details, please see our Spanish Teacher Training website [information in Spanish].

Methodology and Spanish Culture courses

These courses are designed for non-native teachers of Spanish who probably have some teaching experience. Teachers are given the opportunity to refresh and develop their teaching skills and broaden their knowledge of Spanish culture.

These methodology and culture courses last two weeks (65 hours) and they are therefore run on an intensive (full-time) basis.

Online courses for Spanish teachers

As, and in collaboration with IH Cádiz, IH Madrid and IH Seville, IH Barcelona offers online Spanish teacher training courses, both as individual two-week modules and as a complete 14-week course.

Encuentro Práctico

IH Barcelona runs Encuentro Práctico Barcelona, one of the world's major annual conferences for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language.

Encuentro Práctico now also takes place annually in a number of other cities in Europe:

Rome (March) | París (March) | Berlin (May) | Krakow (June)

More information

For further information about our teacher training courses, including tailor-made courses, please contact Begoña Montmany in our Spanish Teacher Training department

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