Accommodation in San Sebastian

We can offer our Spanish students a wide variety of accommodation in San Sebastian. For full details of all of these options, including prices, click through the links to our main site.

Spanish host families

Most of our host families live in flats, as there are practically no individual houses in San Sebastian. A typical flat (see photo above) has 3 or 4 bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, dining room and living room. Some flats have terraces, and most have balconies.

All families are within a distance of 5 to 30 minutes from the school, either on foot or by public transport.

Full details of our Spanish host families


In our shared apartments, you have your independent room and share communal facilities with other students studying with us, up to 5 per apartment. In some cases, you may also be placed with people who work in San Sebastian.

The apartments, which are comfortably but basically furnished, are normally located 5 to 30 minutes from the school, either on foot or by public transport.

For groups of students coming together, or with their families, or for people wanting more privacy, private apartments can also be arranged. These are usually rented for calendar month periods, although some may be available for fortnights.

Apartment accommodation in San Sebastian


A wide variety of hotel accommodation is to be found in San Sebastian. For further information and bookings, we recommend the following two sites:

Rural guest houses

Rural tourism is developing fast in the Basque country, with accommodation being offered in refurbished farms.

A rural guest house is a good possibility for families, people with a car and for those looking for a quiet life and homely ambience.

Further information on guest houses is available from

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