IH Valencia


Valencia is a great choice for your Spanish course. It is a Mediterranean city with alternatives to suit all tastes. It combines so harmoniously modernity and tradition, remains from remote periods with the most modern, avant-garde buildings to be erected in the new millennium.

Home of the paella and the largest orange groves in Europe, Valencia has lots to offer. It is a city brimming with culture, history, and many leisure activities.

The city centre has the feeling of a small town with honey coloured buildings, cobbled streets, beautiful plazas and charming neighbourhoods.

Still within the city of Valencia you’ll find long, gold, sandy beaches and a beautiful promenade lined with restaurants and bars where you can sample the cuisine of Valencia. Due to its fabulous climate they can be enjoyed year-round.

Valencia, back in 2010 the host for the 32nd edition of the America’s Cup, the most important yacht racing competition in the world, is the Spanish gateway to the Mediterranean, with the special charm that seaport cities have.

And all this together with people who are open-minded and friendly make Valencia the ideal place in which to to spend a memorable time.

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