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Valencia, which is located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, right opposite the Balearic Islands, is a medium-sized city with a population of around 800,000 inhabitants.

Valencia has a rich architectural, cultural and artistic heritage, inherited from the different civilisations that have lived there throughout its history. With a flourishing economy and privileged geographical location in the Mediterranean arc, Valencia is the hub of an autonomous region that is well-known for its avant-garde, innovative personality and important offer in respect of cultural and tourist activities.

Strolling around Valencia is to feel the spirit of diversity and evolution of a city in which the legacy of its prosperous history peacefully coexists alongside modern museums such as the IVAM or projects as emblematic as the City of Arts and Sciences (pictured, top of this page) which is considered one of the most attractive cultural and leisure complexes in Europe.

Valencia is a cosmopolitan city, and as shown by its history, the ideal place for commercial activity and cultural exchange.

With respect to the gastronomy of Valencia, its most internationally famous dish is the paella, cooked over a wood fire, as well as a variety of rice and fish dishes that delight all our visitors.

This attractive city bathed by the Mediterranean offers you mild temperatures, tempting dishes, and many festivities and traditions that have been kept alive, as well as a wide range of cultural and leisure activities

And all this together with people who are open-minded and friendly, make Valencia the ideal place in which to spend a memorable vacation.

My first impression of Valencia was very positive. The old part of the city is very impressive, and there are orange trees and pretty parks everywhere. The city has a very relaxed atmosphere, and its people are friendly and always willing to help. There is a lot to do, during the day and at night; for example, going to the beach, and going out to a discotheque for a drink. Españolé – Ih Valencia is right in the centre of Valencia, which is perfect. It has modern facilities and the teachers are all very professional. The school is very welcoming… I would certainly recommend it!
John, UK

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