Spanish teacher training courses

Spanish teacher training course

Besides offering Spanish courses for learners of the language, IH Spain centres also offer professional development programs for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language - or ELE ("Español como lengua extranjera"), as it is known in Spain.

Our Spanish teacher training programme includes courses for both native and non-native Spanish speakers. We have both pre-service courses as well as refresher courses for experienced Spanish teachers who wish to update their knowledge of current methodology and teaching techniques.

All our courses include teaching practice (pictured, above, a trainee in Barcelona) and feedback from a tutor on it.

Our Spanish teacher training courses are available on both a full-time intensive as well as a part-time extensive basis, and courses can also be tailor-made to cater for particular needs.

The courses all include both language teaching theory and language analysis, as well as observed teaching practice of Spanish learners.

As an alternative to our face-to-face courses, we also have online courses for Spanish teachers.


Those students who hold a University degree, have a suitably high level of Spanish (native or near-native speaker level) and who successfully complete these Introductory Training courses, receive an officially recognised teaching certificate from the University of Barcelona-IL3.

This certificate is also equivalent to 6 credits on the University of Barcelona's Masters course in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

More information

You can take a Spanish teacher training course at four of our centres - Barcelona, Madrid, San Sebastian, and Seville. Click on the school of your choice for further details on our teacher training programs.

Click here to choose a different sort of Spanish course.

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